Why epilepsy awareness is an essential part of care training

If you work in the care sector and are (or may be in the future) responsible for the well-being of someone with epilepsy, it is vital that you get the right training before commencing your duties.

You need to understand what the condition is, how it is treated and managed and what the person with epilepsy needs from you as their care worker. Equally as important, you need to know what to do for someone with the condition in an emergency.

Epilepsy awareness training courses are designed to help you cover all of these crucial points. Even on a short, two-hour course, you can learn:

  • Important information about epilepsy as a medical condition and its causes
  • How to identify the symptoms of three or more different types of seizure
  • What to do for someone who is having a seizure
  • How to administer the correct medication
  • Recording and reporting epileptic seizures

As well as equipping you to cope with emergencies, this care training course will give you an important understanding of how to care for people with epilepsy on a day-to-day basis. This includes supporting patients with taking medication and being sensitive to mood swings and unpredictable behaviour from sufferers due to the condition.