Fire drill training: the 5 things every employee should know – The Training Hub

Fire drills are a very important part of workplace safety, but they require a surprising amount of planning and organisation. This is why it is essential for each and every kind of working environment to have at least one fully trained fire marshal, a responsible person able to carry out the company’s fire evacuation plan and give vital safety information to other employees.

A fire alarm

A person who has undergone a fire marshal training course will be able to ensure that everyone in the business or organisation knows:

  • How to contact the fire and rescue services
  • How to use fire-fighting equipment and when it is and isn’t safe to do so
  • How to raise the alarm should they discover a fire
  • Where to assemble outside and who to report to (this is likely to be the fire marshal)
  • How to evacuate the building in case of fire. This includes knowing the safest route, plus a number of backup plans in case of emergency

It is very important that employees know these key safety points inside out, and the best way to ensure this is to practice the fire drill regularly. The fire marshal should organise this, and record the results of the fire drill plus any required improvements accurately.

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