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Mandatory training relates to training that employers are expected to provide to their staff following statutory requirements. Statutory requirements include the Health and Safety at Work Act, local authority requirements, and the requirements specified by the Care Quality Commission.

All care organisations have a legal responsibility to provide staff with Health and Safety Awareness training, including Fire Safety. Moving and Handling training is also mandatory and if staff are involved with preparing food or assisting at meal times then Food Safety and Hygiene training will also be mandatory.

A list of courses and their mandatory requirements are shown below:

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For Care providers, there is a difference between the courses that would be considered mandatory for the organisation and courses that are provided for Care Staff in order for them to gain a Care Certificate. To receive the Care Certificate, care staff workers will need to train in and achieve minimum pass marks in ALL the 15 standards. These 15 standards include:

For experienced care staff, this will mean updating their knowledge and skill set with the new terminology and practices as appropriate. All new staff, those having never worked in social care before, will need to be trained in all 15 standards before they are awarded a Care Certificate.  Care Homes require staff to have a Care Certificate to operate.

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Depending upon the sector you are in optional or additional mandatory training modules may include:

TutorCare offers a Mandatory Training bundle for both the Care Certificate and the Care environment which includes training for all these subjects either individually or as a package deal. Beyond these mandatory courses for your sector, additional training will depend entirely on the specifics of your organisation. There may also be additional requirements depending on your local authority.

For further information relating to optional and mandatory training courses please see:
NHS – Royal College of Nursing
HSE (Health and Safety Executive)

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