Paediatric first aid training FAQs pt.1

If you are considering taking a paediatric first aid training course, there are certain things you may need to know. The following are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to paediatric first aid.

Who needs to take paediatric first aid training?

Although any parent may find it useful to take paediatric first aid training, people in the following professions may be legally required to take a training course:

  • Teaching
  • Childcare and child-minding
  • Guiding and scouting
  • Social work

How long do first aid paediatric training courses take?

There are courses of different lengths available, but most basic paediatric first aid courses take around two days to complete. A course of this length will give you the in-depth knowledge you need to know to be confident at administering first aid to babies and young children should a medical emergency arise.

How is paediatric first aid different to adult first aid training?

Young children have very different needs to adults, both medically and emotionally. Whilst adults may be able to cope with some medical situations themselves (i.e. cuts, bruises and minor wounds), children may experience panic and distress in the same situations unless an experienced first aider is on hand to help them.

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