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Social care is a term used for the help provided in terms of physical and emotional support. The main aim is to help people live their lives in a happy and healthy manner despite their disabilities; either physical or emotional. This article discusses the Role of Health and Social care workers in the community and explains some of the courses you can take to become qualified.

Life is unpredictable and people can need such support at any point. Health and social care are required to maintain people’s independence, control, and dignity.

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Working in Social Care

A job in the social care sector means that you will be providing support for non-clinical needs. However, there is a significant collaboration between health care workers and social care.

As of now, the social sector in the UK has 1.48 million employees. By 2030, the sector will be enriched by half a million extra jobs.

Health and social care workers can provide their support to the people in need in their own homes, residential homes, day centres or other support facilities.

Role of Health and Social Care Workers in Detail

A health and social care worker has a significant role to play in society. They can have a positive impact on the people around them if they understand their duties.

Following are a few pointers that describe the main role of a health and social care worker and situations where their help is required:

  • Provide care for family members in a certain in need situation
  • Care for individuals facing trouble of conflict in various relationships
  • People facing challenges of old age
  • Individuals with mental disabilities or distress
  • Addicts of alcohol or other drugs
  • Physically disabled people having independence issues and facing isolation from society
  • People with financial issues; struggling to get by

Social workers have the right to intervene in the family or private life in case of:

  • Individuals need to protected from themselves and prevention of harm to there is needed due their actions
  • Promoting human development and security
  • Encouraging for social inclusion and healthy participation during the lifetime

Health and social care workers can help:

  • Children with emotional shortcomings
  • Children with special needs
  • Adults need of establishing their independence and dignity again
  • Old men and women

Additional Duties of Health and Social Care Workers

Social work employers are in charge of distinguishing circumstances where an enlisted, experienced social worker ought to end up distinctly included. Mediation may happen on either protection or statutory premise when:

  • Helpless grown-ups and youngsters require defending from mishandling, disregard or misuse, and perhaps require removal from their home
  • A child or grown-up could bring about noteworthy trouble to themselves or others
  • There is a genuine probability of family deterioration or relationship breakdown, which undermines to hinders well-being and prosperity
  • Guardians or caregivers are no longer capable of taking care of their kid

Health and Social Care have a wide range of responsibilities and can help in multiple ways. Their support can greatly provide for the well-being of the overall society around them. They can act as friends, brokers, and advocates along with health care aides to people with various needs.

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