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Nonviolence crisis intervention is an important aspect of every business. Most businesses rely on the day to day interaction between humans from all walks of life. While it is never good to start a conflict, preparing your team to learn how to stop crisis through peaceful means will do your business a lot of good.

At TutorCare we specialise in training and certifying individuals for a number of care related courses.  One of these is in the area of nonviolent means of crisis intervention. The core emphasis is not using physical restraint to stop crisis except as a last resort. They focus on equipping people with verbal techniques of de-escalation to minimize the need for physical crisis intervention.

Elderly lady been cared for by a carer

A nonviolent crisis intervention training course is designed to meet the needs of every individual irrespective of their cognitive range, verbal ability, behavioural disorder or any other special need. Participants learn the importance of observing and understanding all the possible factors that make behaviour challenging and the most efficient way to intervene according to each situation. Although the emphasis is on verbal methods of de-escalation, some nonviolent methods of physical restraint are also taught during training. This helps reduce the number of disruptive incidents within the organisation.

Although advised for care providers, an organisation doesn’t need to pay for each staff to participate in this training; rather a single employee or the business owner can receive the training and train others within the organisation. It is a cost effective and comprehensive training option.

Elderly lady being cared for by a carer

Benefits of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training to an Organization Through the effort of a certified member of staff with proven strategies for safety, violent behaviour can be reduced or eliminated completely.

  • It helps your business meet accreditation standards
  • It minimizes liability
  • Demonstrates that your organisation is committed and willing to contribute to a safer community
  • It helps you create and maintain a caring, respectful, and safe environment for those being served and your staff
  • It helps reduce incidents of injury in the workplace
  • It improves staff retention
  • It helps your business comply with legislative mandates
  • Demonstrates that your organisation is committed and willing to contribute to a safer community
  • It helps you create and maintain a caring, respectful, and safe environment for those being served and your staff

Benefits of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training to Staff

This training reduces the risks of staff injury around the workplace. It drastically reduces the occurrence of injury associated with physical intervention

  •  It will improve the level of mature communication among staff because it establishes a common language
  •   It will boost the level of staff confidence to step up and verbally intervene
  •   It will alleviate the degree of stress and anxiety that can arise as a result of uncertainty and confusion
  • It will make every member of staff feel safe at work again
  • Benefits of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training to Those You Serve
  •  It allows them to live, learn and thrive in an environment that is safe and respectful
  • They can comfortably interact with some positive role models who are equipped to manage even the most difficult situation
  • They will become active participants in the process of debriefing and learn coping skills
  • They will feel supported by empathic, compassionate and respectful staff
  •   They will be able to receive guidance about positive behavioural choices

Some of the Benefits of Instructor Certification Include:

Maximization of initial training skills and investment with the aid of free consultation. You’ll be able to solve problems with CPI training directors without charge regarding crisis intervention and training issues.

You’ll be able to attend free webinars to gain more knowledge and skill.

As a certified training instructor, you’ll be granted access to many online training resources. These resources are strictly restricted to instructors. You’ll be able to learn physical intervention skills and have access to legislative updates through newsletters. You will also have access to print journals and a supportive stance to aid your cause.

Following our course, these resources will help you work towards becoming an expert in Assaultive Behaviour (JSM), and you will enjoy member pricing discounts for paid resources. All certified instructors who demonstrate an extraordinary level of expertise can also earn a place in the Hall of Merit.

There are so many benefits attached to training and getting certified as an instructor. The organisation, the prospective instructor, those who are served and your business as a whole will benefit from the nonviolent crisis intervention program.

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