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The Diploma in Education and Training (DET) has now replaced the Diploma in Teaching in the Life Long Learning Sector (DTLLS) qualification in the UK.

The DTLLS was a qualification that was designed for anyone planning to become a full teacher (or working as) in further, continuing or adult education.

The DET qualification that has replaced it is effectively an “in-service” qualification and is available at dedicated training centres across the UK or via e-learning at

The new courses include modules such as “Preparing to teach”, “planning and progressing learning”, “enabling learning and assessment”, “managing behaviour” and “Curriculum planning

The DET / DTLLS course will take approximately one year to complete with delegates being assessed through a series of observations and assignments.

This kind of in-depth training course can really help to prepare you for the challenges you may face when working with children. Once this initial course is complete, it is imperative that you undertake regular refresher courses to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

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