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Some of the best CVs are those that are well-rounded, and full of both professional experience and interests outside of work. Employers are often interested in people who have taken advantage of all opportunities available to them, be it developing skills or taking extra training, as these are the people who can bring something extra to the business.

All of the above are reasons why fire marshal training can be beneficial for your future career, as this sort of qualification looks fantastic on your CV. Not only this, but it also indicates that you have successfully taken on a position of great responsibility, proving yourself an asset to the company you work for.

Fire Extinguisher

Adding a fire safety qualification to your CV is not the only reason you should undergo a fire marshalling training course, however. It teaches you potentially life-saving skills, which are applicable in other situations as well as in the workplace. This training will help you to take measures to prevent an outbreak of fire at home as well as at work, and you will also know what to do if a fire does take place.

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