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The issue of confidentiality is massively important in the field of health and social care. However, it is often seen as quite complex, which can lead to misapplication and misunderstanding. This is why each and every person working within the sector is recommended to take a care training course which focuses on the concept of confidentiality and all of the issues surrounding it.

The basics: what is confidentiality?

In relation to the health and social care sector, confidentiality relates to personal information about patients. Problems arise when it comes to deciding how this information should be shared in order to improve a patient’s care and for better communication amongst care staff.
The aim of a confidential care service should be to protect the patients information and restrict who has access to it. The patient should be informed what his or her information is being used for and who has access to it, and they should give consent for it to be used in this way.

However, confidentiality in care is not always as simple as that, particularly if the patient is unable to give consent for whatever reason. At TutorCare we offer a confidentiality in care training course that helps explain the finer points of legislation regarding this issue.

The course covers the following aspects:

  • What is confidentiality?
  • Why do we need to respect confidentiality?
  • Legislation, policy and procedure.
  • Information security breaches and how to manage them.
  • What does disclosure mean?
  • Philosophical and ethical issues.

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